Pambansang Kongreso ng Kababaihan sa Kanayunan (PKKK)

The Pambansang Kongreso ng Kababaihan sa Kanayunan (PKKK) is a national coalition of around 300 rural women organizations in 32 provinces in the Philippines. Members come mainly from the rural women sector (farmers, fishers, workers, informal sector and indigenous peoples. PKKK was organized in October 2003 and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with registration number CN200419265 issued December 15, 2004.

In October 2003, around 300 representatives from rural women’s organizations, people’s organizations, individual advocates and government agencies came together and the result was the Rural Women Agenda. The Rural Women Agenda is the core Basis of Unity of the coalition. In 2010, the Agenda was translated into a Gender Responsive Rural Women Development Plan (GRRWDP) – a 6-year development plan that resulted from a series of consultations from different provincial and sectoral members. The GRRWDP has been the basis for rural women’s rights claim taking in their engagements from the barangay up to the national level.

As an advocacy and information center for rural women’s rights, PKKK have vigorously advocated for the full recognition of rural women starting especially through its participation in the drafting and legislation of the Magna Carta of Women and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. PKKK also pushed for the recognition of women agrarian reform beneficiaries through the issuance of a DAR Administrative Order no. 1 series of 2011.  The different advocacy work at the local communities have also led to issuance of local ordinances, participation in grassroots budgeting and recognition of members of PKKK in local development bodies.

In almost 17 years, we have held seven (7) national congresses, wherein the governance structures and policies were regularly reviewed and affirmed. PKKK’s rural women leaders and members continue to work towards the attainment of our mission and goals by voluntarily giving their time, efforts, talent, knowledge and commitment. PKKK has also built partnerships and networks with  other national CSOs and some international organizations who include us as partners in their activities. As such, some of our local and national leaders have been invited to take part in their trainings and conferences locally and globally. These opportunities have provided our members venues to share our agenda and analyses in issues of rural women and exposure to other situations of women and other issues.

Note that as time passed, PKKK has been commonly referred to as Pambansang KOALISYON rather than Pambansang KONGRESO, mainly because KOALISYON is more descriptive of the nature of the organization. In the SEC registration and legal documents, however, PKKK maintains its original name.